Mapping The Commons Across The Spectrum

Let’s participates in BDB’21 to expose, proceed, and record any design related artefact and features in Bandung

Bandung Design Biennale [BDB] 2021 proposes Excavate: Mapping The Commons Across The Spectrum as its central theme. Held in November to December, BDB'21 intends to complement and regenerate the domestic panorama of the design context by mapping various actors through an excavation of thoughts, objects, and actions as a form of value diversification.

Bandung Design Biennale 2021 aims to dig more into how creative explorations can be shifted outside the conventional exhibition format. How might open-ended experiments and critical questions that touch economy, environment, society, and culture can be the first step for all of us to re-answer.

In an excavation process, each finding will certainly be an indication of the involvement and connection of each element: discipline, actors, and the knowledge contained in it. Thus in the process, BDB'21 will undergo the stages of identification, interaction, and participation which are expected to jointly be able to bring up alternative thoughts and practices, as well as enrich the potentials and solutions for the community. Curated by Prananda L. Malasan [Design Science Researcher], Krishnamurti Suparka [Interdisciplinary Practitioner], and Herry Sutresna [Designer], BDB will respond to various ideas, objects, and practice findings into several programs in the format of showcases, discourses, and public archives.

Another Business

Editorial Director

A micro-publisher company celebrates youth and the way they live that comes into being through printed matter. Along with the individual and small-scale community, we collaborate, contextualize, and produce publications to be an indispensable resource and notion related to architecture, design, and culture.


Ardo Ardhana

Head of Director

Multidisciplinary practitioner, ranging from publishing to creative placemaking. Currently running busy developing Grammars, and broadcasting tunes from Norrm Radio.


POT Branding House

Artistic Director

A Brand design & communication consultancy that helps brand owners to reflect their core potential and consciously manifest themselves into a more authentic expression of their soul, through research, strategy, and design.


Dengan Senang Hati

Technology Director

We believe that by helping and accelerating existing businesses will make us more innovative and meaningful in carrying out our passion in technology.


Suasana Scenery

Event Director

Entertainment agency company based in Bandung and Jakarta. Providing production, content generation, and event management for events and activations. Sister company of Rekacitra Indonesia.



Visitors 7000
Days 31
Participant 53
Educational institutes 7
Location 14
Design studio 22
Studio visit 10
Events 30
Talk Shows 5
Exhibition 25
Workshop 7


Visitors 2000
Days 31
Sukarelawan 50
Participant 133
Curator 5
Educational institutes 7
Location 85
Design studio 81
Studio visit 15
Events 85
Talk Shows 40
Exhibition 49
Workshop 27


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