Connecting The Dots: Perjalanan Lintas Disiplin Tomy Herseta dalam Menggali Potensi Diri

BDB21 Official
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The world we live in no longer moves in a linear line, dynamically it will always transform. Provide a variety of problems and solutions for residents. This is certainly influential in enriching the treasures of our knowledge. The dynamism of life, in which everything dissolves the substances of science, practice, and culture, certainly encourages the birth of individuals who have a unique, eclectic and often revolutionary intellectual style.

The existence of these individuals also directly contributes to the creation of dynamism in how humans interact and work - which will then inspire other individuals - to break all kinds of status quo and create newness in life.

In an effort to capture a story of how humans articulate personal interests to respond to various discourses in an increasingly complex life, Bandung Design Biennale 2021 has held an Open Public Presentation: Campus Edition which brings inter-discipline designer, Tomy Herseta, to share his experiences and views with the public. large.

Tomy Herseta's online presentation at Open Public Presentation: Campus Edition BDB'21. Source: BDB Documentation

For those of you who are not familiar with transdisciplinary you can access our previous article here (Insert hyperlink to previous article).

Talking about transdiscipline, we can see this existence as an attempt to find discourses that we were not aware of before. Opening opportunities to create new dialogue spaces that are able to form intellectual patterns that are more relevant to the spirit of the times. Through the convergence of practice and knowledge from various disciplines, it gives us a new inevitability of hope for a better world.

This is also manifested in Tomy Herseta, a designer who is involved in various creative sectors simultaneously. Starting from interior design, product design, media art, music, to initiating social movements related to design in general.

Chronologically, Tomy recounts the beginning of his career in the transdisciplinary creative world, starting with his undergraduate thesis where he designed the Indonesian music archiving museum. In the process, he tries to experiment by combining virtual reality technology and design to create a more holistic interior design experience. Then, he even took part in several national and international product design competitions such as Bravacasa, IFTA, and others, which brought him deeper into the world of design. Starting from the chair design that led him to win the Indonesia Design Challenge, to making a lamp design with remote control technology which is also influenced by his personal interest in technology.

In addition to being a designer, Tomy is also involved in the field of media art. Marked by his participation in the Bandung New Emergence exhibition in 2016, he contributed to providing a digital experience for the London Design Biennale. Tomy broadened his horizons in areas closer to the more general practice of art. More than that, Tomy has also been wandering in the field of music, this is also related to his personal interest in music and his identity as a spatial/interior designer. His musical approach can be said to be quite eccentric because he does not talk about music theory and composition, but focuses on how the message in his work can be conveyed through other approaches, such as mood, imagery, to the atmosphere that is reflected in the sound he produces.