“Kota Kita Nanti: Melihat Bandung melalui Perspektif Lain”

BDB21 Official
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When we talk about cities, we are not talking about things that are static, but we are faced with a dynamism and complexity. Starting from the issue of the most personal part to involve a much larger structure than ourselves. Everything can be seen as a story about how human efforts in establishing and interpreting relationships with the surrounding environment.

As a way to capture a story about the relationship between humans and their environment, the 2021 Bandung Design Biennale collaborated with the Kota Kita later project from Goethe Institut Bandung to hold an Open Public Presentation on Friday 4 September 2021. Guided by Alby Padmakusumah from Pot Branding House, this discussion presented Keni Soeriatmadja, Artati Sirman, Lukman Hakim, and Yuki Agriardi to share stories about Kota Kita Later.